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Google Fonts selbst hosten

Host Google Fonts yourself

I also mentioned this topic in my GDPR article , but it is now really long and therefore here briefly an aid for all those who want to host Google Fonts themselves.

3-click solution for WordPress websites

  1. Installs the WordPress plugin Self-Hosted Google Fonts
  2. Go into plugin settings and switch to “Yes, Enable”
  3. Save changes. Finished.
  4. If you use a caching plugin, reset the cache once.

Method for static ( self-programmed) websites:

Anyone who has access to the source code can host the Google Fonts themselves with the help of this website:

  1. Choose the font you use in the left
  2. Choose styles used
  3. Copy CSS and copy it into your own CSS file. Adjust path. Should point where you want to store the fonts. See point 5.
  4. Download font
  5. Store all files of the unpacked zip file in your font folder
  6. Repeat point 1-5 For all the fonts used
  7. Load the whole thing onto your server. Finished.

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