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“Hello World” or about this blog

Hi everyone, welcome to my WordPress blog. I am Julia Vicentini a freelance web designer and web developer. I have been practicing this profession for over a decade – since I graduated in media informatics in 2004. The best thing about my work? From design to programming to search engine optimization, there’s always something new to learn.

I want to use this platform to write about topics that I encounter as a web worker. I also collect important work flows and web design tricks so I can read them later. If I help you with your work, so much the better. So I’m mainly targeting web designers with previous knowledge. But also startups or internet-savvy entrepreneurs, who take their online presence into their own hands, can find tips here.

Exchange and togetherness
I’m happy if you write in the comments or share your ideas with me on Facebook, Twitter & Co. Give me feedback on what you like or what you want to see more of. Backlinks to your own website are allowed, of course, but should be related to the topic.

And now – let’s make the web more beautiful and better!

Feedback welcome

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