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Cyber Security

Have your login details been stolen? Find out.

The t3n reports today of a huge data leak. The dataset is said to include just under 773 million logins with an email address and password, some in plain text.

Is your data also affected?

Here you can check if your own login details appear in this or an older leak: Have I Been Pwned
You will be prompted to enter your email address to see if it appears in the leaks. Stop! Don’t they just want to collect my email addresses? Was also my first thought, but the operator of this website, Troy Hunt, is a recognised internet security specialist and regional director at Microsoft Australia. So, everything is fine.

What to do if your login details are no longer secure?

If your email address is there, it doesn’t automatically mean that someone has accessed your account, but I would change the password of the email account and the affected service as soon as possible (let’s do it anytime soon, gell?). And then, if possible, I would use a different email address for login on all account/profiles, from Paypal to Amazon to Facebook.

In addition, I can generally recommend using a password manager so that you don’t use the same password everywhere for convenience. I have had very good experience with 1Password . It costs a few bugs a month, but it’s absolutely worth it.

Detailed information about the leak:

Click here for the t3n article with detailed information: 773 million passwords leaked – are your credentials also affected?

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