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Link zu Google Rezension

Direct link to Google review

How do I get a direct link to give a Google review to my customers? This question just came up and I googled it;-)

The prerequisite is that you have a Google business entry with your company.

How to create a link to your Google reviews

  1. You need your PlaceID. You get this when you enter your company into the search: Place ID Finder
    Place ID Finder (Google)
  2. Copy the ID into this link: Https:// placeid = [insert the ID here]
  3. This is what Vicentini web design looks like, for example: = ChIJLaB5igNDs0cRUI1CIMxeoGc
    And – like magic – the window opens for writing the review
    Deeplink to write a Google review for a particular company
  4. Anmekung: A review can only be left by someone who has a Google account . Unfortunately.

Then, as Google reviews pour in, here are a few tips from Google on how best to respond to them: Best Practices: Get reviews on Google

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