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Alternatives to Google Analytics

The biggest problem with Google Analytics (GA) is that the data is sent to a Google server and stored there. And because we are all data protectors now, we do not want to collect any personal data if possible and only pass it on to third parties with the users consent. This means that an opt-in banner is necessary for GA and the whole thing is annoying for the user and nonsensical for the one who wants to evaluate the website. So what are the ways for third parties to bypass and store the data on their own server? Here are my two alternatives to Google Analytics:

Website Analysis with Matomo (formerly Piwik)

About equivalent to GA’s evaluation capabilities is Matomo. The IP address can be shortened before storing and the personal date is gone. And the whole thing is stored in a database on your own server. No passing on to third parties. I plan about 1 hour for the installation.

Basically, the service can be used free of charge. There are paid additional options, but I haven’t tried them yet.

WordPress website analysis with Slimstat Analytics

A very simple solution for WordPress websites is the free plugin Slimstat Analytics. Here, too, the own database is used for the storage of the data and the IP address can be shortened. It can even be used without a cookie. A perfect solution if you just want to know how many visitors the site has and which pages are clicked the most. Other interesting values that the visitor transmits can also be evaluated in this way. All without storing any personal data or passing anything on to third parties.

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