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“Hello World” or about this blog Julia Vicentini-web designer

“Hello World” or about this blog

Hi everyone, welcome to my WordPress blog. I am Julia Vicentini a freelance web designer and web developer. I have been practicing this profession for over a decade – since I graduated in media informatics in 2004. The best thing about my work? From design to programming to search engine optimization, there’s always something new […]

WordPress website was hacked – WordPress website hacked

WordPress website was hacked –

Who knows this new attack? Who found out more? Please write to me in the comments below. Symptoms: Login is not possible. Instead you get forwarded to a website called Later, after the first aid, the file permissions are wrong and some plugins can no longer be updated. First aid: Log into the database […]

Have your login details been stolen? Find out. Cyber Security

Have your login details been stolen? Find out.

The t3n reports today of a huge data leak. The dataset is said to include just under 773 million logins with an email address and password, some in plain text. Is your data also affected? Here you can check if your own login details appear in this or an older leak: Have I Been Pwned […]

WOW! Adobe Sensei! Content AI is here! Adobe Sensei

WOW! Adobe Sensei! Content AI is here!

Who hasn’t heard of Adobe Sensei? Ok, but then now! If it works as shown here, it means that with Adobe Sensei we get an AI assistant to help us convert a sketched, visual idea into a finished product. Sensei automatically detects the elements of the sketch and can pick out matching stick photos. In […]

Direct link to Google review Link zu Google Rezension

Direct link to Google review

How do I get a direct link to give a Google review to my customers? This question just came up and I googled it;-) The prerequisite is that you have a Google business entry with your company. How to create a link to your Google reviews You need your PlaceID. You get this when you […]

HTTP security header for the .htaccess file

I check my customers’ websites for their technical security for GDPR. What’s really bad on all websites are the HTTP headers. SIWECOS* recommends the following settings for the .htaccess file: #START HTTP Security header #Content Security Policy-CSP-HEADER # Download content only from sites explicitly allowed # Example: Allow everything from your own domain, no externas: […]

Which keywords bring visitors to the website? SEO Tip

Which keywords bring visitors to the website?

Hello, I just remembered Google Trends for keyword analysis. When I am developing a website, I have to know which keywords are most relevant. There are always different synonyms. Which are the most searched? And is searching for singular or plural? For example: I want to program a website for a holiday apartment in Mecklenburg.. […]

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